Senior Medical Systems Administrator - IAT Level II in Goldsboro, NC at Diverse Staffing

Date Posted: 2/28/2018

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Job Description

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DiverseGOV is currently identifying applicants for a pending contract with the United States Air Force in North Carolina. We are currently seeking individuals qualified for a Senior Medical Systems Administrator role with End User Support experience. This position is a long-term contract position.

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In this position, you will support healthcare information management/information technology support (IM/IT) services. 

Here are the responsibilities of this position as we understand them today:
It includes network/infrastructure support, server management, technical/desktop support, work order management, general healthcare information management, and basic experience with WWW-based services. The position is for a systems administrator (network and server) but, will also require the administrator to perform significant end user device/desktop customer support due to MTF’s limited size.
Integration and management of information systems
Sustained IM/IT support for all related clinics
Technical documentation reflecting the current computer and networking infrastructure supporting the 4 MDG and its associated outlying buildings
Timely installation, diagnostics, and maintenance of software/firmware/hardware and network configurations of the (and its associated clinics) microcomputer servers and client workstations.
Timely installation, operation, and maintenance of existing and forecasted networked technologies (network servers, printers, routers, hubs, cabling, etc.)
Development and execution of supported new users and sustainment of user access for the benefit of assigned personnel
Timely installation, operation, and maintenance of software used at the 4 MDG
Continued data integrity and security of computer databases within the production environment
Continued development and maintenance of clinic information systems Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Maintained server/network compliance with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) requirements
Proper utilization of IT resources like the Global Service Center Helpdesk in accordance with enterprise policy
Continued development and maintenance of working relationships with various outside agencies as needed
Professional customer service in accordance with Air Force policy and DOD standards

You will support the activities of the network engineering team responsible for connectivity between internal and external systems, the internet-workings of various operating systems across both local area network and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), and ensure network functionality and security.
You will coordinate with outside agencies as needed to provide maintenance and management of the MTF LAN/WAN and wireless local-area network (WLAN) to include firewalls.
The administrator ensures that the LAN/WAN is capable of providing required services by loading software updates, performing local inventory, performing barrier security, interfacing with MTF staff and external resources, and provides customer service/guidance and supervision to subcontractors as needed.

You will install, and support hardware and software upgrades, which includes hubs, routers, dial-up access, cabling, and file services.

Under limited supervision, you will support the overall infrastructure at the MTF and be responsible for detecting, responding, troubleshooting/conducting problem resolution, reporting problems and initiating trouble tickets as needed with 1 hour, recording, diagnosing and resolving the occurrence of network faults and coordinate network performance and connectivity monitoring as needed.

On this assignment, you will have access to and the support of the entire 4 MDG infrastructure network management resources, including network and systems engineering.

Your will support MDG administrative functions as needed by the Functional Requirements Evaluator Designee (FRED).

You communicate with regional Senior Network Engineers for planned site activities and implementation actions.
You serve as an on-site resource available for site coordination, troubleshooting, problem resolution, and training.
You coordinate with outside agencies as needed to create, maintain, and manage Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs).
The administrator will coordinate with outside agencies to coordinate installation, testing, termination, and maintenance of cables. This will include:
  • Troubleshooting wiring problems
  • Troubleshooting serial communication lines
You will support the operation and maintenance of Network Management Systems (NMS)
You also will manage Microsoft Windows NT/20xx server(s) and perform all functions required to manage Windows NT/20xx servers as needed such as:
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly backups
  • Daily log reviews
  • Daily system error review
  • Monthly resets
  • Daily statistic review
  • Daily space review
  • User custom configuration requests
  • LAN applications
  • Space restrictions modifications
  • Hard drive upgrades as needed
  • Monthly Disk/LAN file driver updates
  • System security review (password checking, intruder locks, excessive rights review)
  • Network printing setup and troubleshooting
  • Anti Virus detection log review
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) service
  • License administration
  • File services
  • Backup service
Manage and act as a local Point of Contact (POC) for medical systems: 
Support diagnostics and configuration connectivity of DHA site/service specific servers, such as CHCS, AHTLA, MHS Genesis, PharmAssist, AGFA, DICE, Pyxis, Audiocare, T-Metrics, Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS), Q-Flow/Q-Matic, and other medical operating systems/office automation systems
Maintain DHA site telecommunications systems
Support the MTF management staff with briefings and updates on server and network issues
 Coordinate with agencies responsible for security firewalls and other security settings
Collect performance measurement information and coordinates with outside agencies as needed
Provide software support for MTF user community at server and end user device level
Install and configure server/network related software on servers and workstations as needed
You will also help plan, install, and support hardware and software upgrades
You will provide systems analysis, application development, and support.
 Provide end user support for new systems integration and implementation as called for.
Analysis of the current configuration and development of written recommendations to improve the performance and asset management of the networked devices.

The administrator will support data network management and engineering for all systems:
Supports CISCO network devices, which include switches, routers, cabling, and file servers.
Will monitor network performance and stability using network tools provided by DHA and MTF
Will support management the TCP/IP environment to ensure the integrity of IP addressing schema and virtual LAN configurations as needed.

Cabling and wire management activities in accordance with industry standards and local SOPs.
The administrator will develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for an emergency shut down, various contingency plans, general support operations for information systems utilized and managed by the MDG, and as needed by the FRED.

The administrator will follow enterprise policy and procedures regarding help desk operations. Specifically in regards to reviewing, addressing, routing, and closing work orders.
The administrator will support:
Logging, working, tracking, updating, completing, and closing all requests and work orders using electronic means.
The administrator will follow enterprise policy and ensure that all trouble tickets and customer assistance requests are logged appropriately via the help desk before any action is taken, unless directed by the FRED or for an urgent need in support of a commander and/or patient safety issue.
 The administrator must document a response and/or complete work orders within 8 working hours of administrator receipt for low priority, 3 working hours of administrator receipt for medium priority, and 1 working hour of administrator receipt for high priority, unless there are documented reasons it was beyond the administrators ability to control why this could not be completed on time.
 The configuration, installation, and troubleshooting support for workstations and PC systems supporting the 4 MDG user community
 'First-line' troubleshooting support for the user community. The administrator shall evaluate and resolve (to the greatest extent possible) all user-generated problem reports.
Recording/reviewing discrepancies for trend analysis and the possible formulation of broad-based corrective actions and solutions.
The administrator will follow DISA and DHA requirements for user accounts, ensuring minimal access requirements for each member.
The administrator will utilize security groups in accordance with MTF/DHA/DISA requirements
The administrator will ensure all MTF specific required action is taken for new users to gain network access within three days of account request/notification
The administrator will create and destroy/transfer network accounts as part of MTF/DHA/DISA in and out processing requirements.
 The administrator will support new equipment distribution as part of the MTF’s end user device refresh cycle as required by the FRED.
The DHA refresh cycle is currently 1/4 of entire inventory every year
 The administrator will support training initiatives as required by the FRED. For example, how to guides, “hip-pocket' guides, and process marketing.
The administrator will support video telecommunications. To include scheduling, system operations, troubleshooting and routine problem resolution.
The administrator will provide customer assistance whether by telephone, virtually, in person, electronic mail (e-mail), web ticket, or as required by internal policies.
Customer assistance includes in/out processing of MTF personnel, creating/deleting network accounts, supporting the use of laptops, desktop computers (PCs), the software loaded on those PCs, and all peripheral devices connected to those PCs (e.g., monitors, keyboards, mice, network, and/or slave printers, scanners, and biometric and smartcard devices, etc.) in a LAN/WAN environment.

The administrator will provide technical expertise for reviewing, re-engineering if required, of technical and business processes such as solution fielding, researching new technologies, strategic and operational planning, training, operations, and customer support.

The administrator will brief and participate in meetings, committees, and functions as required by the FRED. This includes preparing slides and other briefing material.
The administrator will support the review, response processes, and compliance for risk analysis and inspections such as The Joint Commission (TJC), Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT), Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI), Staff Assisted Visit (SAV), Air Force Audit Agency (AFAA), and Medical Group Instruction (MGI)
 Assist in preparing/answering taskings from ACC, AFMOA, DHA, and HQ USAF/SG
 The administrator and/or contractor will provide guidance regarding practices based on industry trends as needed to include briefings and presentations.
All records, files, documents, regardless of media (e.g., paper, electronic, etc.), as described in the PWS, that are the responsibility of the contractor are the property of the Government and shall remain so upon termination or completion of the contract. The contractor shall keep these items current and maintain and dispose of them in accordance with the requirements established by the You will maintain open and professional communication with members of the MTF staff.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Science is strongly preferred by DiverseGOV for this position
  • Current CompTIA Security+ Certification
  • Compliance with DoD 8570.0lM, Information Assurance Technical (IAT) Level II certifications
  • Five (5) years of medical information technology experience; specifically, medical network/server administration experience
  • Current CompTIA Security+ Certification
  • Compliance with DoD 8570.0lM, Information Assurance Technical (IAT) Level II certifications

Diverse Staffing is an Equal Opportunity Employer: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status or another protected status. IND2